AXIOM cover all aspects of a customer submarine system project

Our expertise is combined with a pragmatic approach based on extensive experience

AXIOM has provided a full range of various services to his clients during system’s construction. AXIOM has more specifically assisted them in managing the commercial and technical sides of the project, with a particular emphasis on the marine related, technological, technical and QA activities for which AXIOM’s representatives were appointed PG Chair, MWG/RWG Chair, TWG & CWG Chair. The list of recent projects under which those roles have been achieved is provided in Chapter 3 of this report. In addition, this list contains a reference to consortia that contracted AXIOM as system manager & hiring manager of on-board observers for all marine activities such as electronic route survey & marine installation.

It shall be realized that the marine-related engineering and the marine activities itself are most critical to ensure the highest possible performance in terms of installation quality, reliability and reparability of any undersea network. The marine issues encountered during the construction of any new submarine cable system are always complex & likely to significantly impact on its operational performance, and, to make a long story short, on its long term reputation and on the project success, since a good reputation helps to attract new customers. All marine issues are subject to an intense “technical & commercial debating” between Purchasers & Suppliers in order to proceed smoothly to the best-possible installation decisions, based on minimizing long term risks while keeping installation costs at reasonable level. Stakes are rather huge for both the Purchasers & the Supplier, but they contemplate it with different perspectives.

Similarly, all QA activities, including project follow up, review of Contractor’s QA system, new product design acceptance & qualification (when required), inspection & testing of all products & elements of the contractual supply list, whole system commissioning & assessment & recommendation on system acceptance, will be key to the success of The National Submarine Fibre Cable Network project to:

  • Ensure that the Supply Contract proceeds smoothly in-line with the agreed Plan of Work and the contract price,
  • Ensure that the Supplier complies scrupulously with all Contract requirements & industry standards,
  • Ensure that the products of the submerged plant are designed & manufactured in compliance with the Contract requirements & industry standards, & feature high reliability and high performance as expected,
  • Ensure that the cable route engineering, and cable / repeaters / BUs installation & protection are carried out in accordance with the industry standards in order to reduce risk of cable faults to an absolute minimum throughout the system lifetime.

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