AXIOM cover all aspects of a customer submarine system project

Our expertise is combined with a pragmatic approach based on extensive experience


AXIOM is a company incorporated under the laws of France as a SAS (“Société par Actions Simplifiée”). AXIOM was founded in 1999 by a team of submarine telecommunication cable system experts with previous experiences working for international telecom carriers and for submarine cable manufacturers. AXIOM is fully owned by its management team and provides independent and market-neutral advice to customers looking for expertise in the area of submarine telecommunication cable systems. AXIOM’s customer base is mainly composed of international telecom carriers, either associated through a consortium or investing independently in submarine systems.

AXIOM also has access to a large pool of experienced experts in many areas such as traffic & market study, Quality Assurance, marine activities witnesses (or observers), on-site-commissioning activities, etc. AXIOM calls for resources from such a pool when extra work force is required or when specialised areas of expertise, not available within AXIOM, are required.

AXIOM offers the unique feature of having submarine cable systems as its core business, hence ensuring its customers to be provided with successful and high-quality products that meet the customers' requirements.

Please bear in mind that, when dealing with submarine cable projects, especially as regards optical technologies and marine activities, experience is the cornerstone to turn a project into a success. As such, we feel that our company offers the best possible team, made of skilled people who "have been there", hence knowing what it takes to move a specific business forward.
AXIOM: Not “just another consultant…”

With international know-how & recognition in the submarine system trade, AXIOM specializes in the unique arena of fibre optic communications. AXIOM is in position to offer the whole spectrum of skills required to dutifully perform the requested work with internal resources only.
AXIOM's strength also lies in the strong & diversified experience of its team in all project aspects: the financing, the promotion, the design, the procurement, the construction & the operation of the cable system.

AXIOM was requested by the SubOptic Committee – on several occasions – and the Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC) to present tutorials aimed at providing inputs on all aspects of
submarine cable projects and or speak at a workshop.

The AXIOM Team has accumulated years of experience in both operational & managerial positions in most of the crafts that can be found the cable trade, and amongst which:

  • Carrier's experience: AXIOM members previously worked for international carriers with deep involvement in submarine cable projects and subsequently in the management of submarine cable systems.
  • Financing: AXIOM members were deeply involved in the financial engineering of several submarine systems, notably EASSy where AXIOM was in charge of preparing all necessary finance documents for the lenders and of negotiating the terms of the loans with a consortium of development banks.
  • Traffic and Market study, business models: AXIOM works in cooperation with TERABIT CONSULTING, a well-known company specialised in traffic and market studies (volumes, market shares, capacity cost forecasts), which references are more particularly detailed hereafter. AXIOM uses TERABIT CONSULTING forecasts to build accurate business plans allowing carriers to evaluate the soundness of their business cases.
  • International know-how & recognition: AXIOM team includes well-known and respected key-figures of the submarine cable marketplace. Some of AXIOM members were instrumental in the promotion and construction of several major cables around the world, among which SEA-ME-WE 3, the largest fibre-optic cable ever built;
  • Strategic & Technical Planning: several team members have defined new strategic direction for carriers and have led them into the submarine world, integrating terrestrial and submarine network design elements to create a seamless, attractive commercial proposition;
  • Supplier's experience: AXIOM members previously worked for two major submarine cable Suppliers (namely ASN and Tycom, now SubCom);
  • Marine installation & maintenance: AXIOM members had a top position within a marine service provider for 10 years;
  • Technology: two of our members worked for a large R&D centre for about 10 years, where they conducted research on fibre cabling and advanced fibre-optic transmission;
  • Negotiations: all AXIOM members have been deeply involved in many Submarine Cable Systems negotiations, from small unrepeatered systems to the largest systems ever built, on either the supplier's side or the operator's side.
  • Environmental Studies: AXIOM had been requested several times to include Environmental Studies in its Scope Of Work. AXIOM is not a specialist in Environmental Studies, but has access to various experienced companies to which those studies were sub-contracted.
  • Implementation know-how & project management: all AXIOM members have been involved in many international cable projects and have acquired solid skills in project management and in problem handling and solving in a multi-national environment.
  • Assistance to Operation and Maintenance: AXIOM is providing level 2 maintenance support on two large submarine cable systems, where the owners capitalise on AXIOM knowledge and technical experience to optimise the operation of their network from a technical and commercial point of view.

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